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Business Leaders Asked to Support Immigration Reform

Aug 25, 2013
In The News

One Illinois Democrat says immigration reform isn’t just a moral issue-it’s good for business.  U.S. Rep. Bill Foster (D-Naperville) is appealing to business leaders to get behind comprehensive immigration reform, claiming passing the current Senate bill would increase the gross domestic product and reduce the national debt. He says the piecemeal approach favored by House Republicans, on the other hand, would hurt the economy.

“If you decide ‘Well, let’s just do workplace enforcement and e-verify,’” Foster said, “you hear from the business community that large sections of our economy would just shut down.”  Foster believes that the push for the Senate bill during the current recess will make a difference once the House reconvenes. If the bill is called for a vote while the House is in session, Foster says it would pass with support from “95 percent of the Democrats and 30 percent of the Republicans.”