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Foster Votes Against Underfunding Veterans’ Care

May 1, 2015
Press Release

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) voted against H.R. 2029, FY 2016 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, & Related Agencies Appropriations. This Republican bill was opposed by major veterans organizations including the VFW, DAV, American Legion and others because it fails to fund the VA at adequate levels. The bill would cut the funding requested by the VA by over $1.4 billion, including a $690 million cut to veterans’ medical care.

“Our veterans have put everything on the line for their country, to disrespect their service by underfunding the VA is simply unacceptable,” said Foster. “I voted against this bill because it would leave the VA without the resources to provide our veterans with the care they deserve.”

While the Republican-controlled House passed this legislation that would shortchange veterans’ care, earlier this month they passed the repeal of the estate tax, providing a $269 billion tax break for 5,400 of the wealthiest families in America while driving up the national debt.

“It is unbelievable that House Republicans passed a $269 billion additional tax break to a small group of the wealthiest families in America, but refuse to fully fund the VA,” added Foster. “Budgets are a statement of priorities, and I am extremely disappointed that House Republicans would prioritize tax breaks for multimillionaires over funding for our nation’s veterans.”

Foster also voted to advance the Bishop amendment, which would have reversed Republican cuts and increased funding for veterans health care. Unfortunately, House Republicans blocked attempts to vote on the amendment.