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DACA Decision Condemned By Congressman Bill Foster

Sep 5, 2017
In The News

Moments after Trump effectively put an end to Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Illinois Congressman Bill Foster (D-11), condemned the decision. Foster, who represents Illinois District 11, said, "the President fails to appreciate the important contributions these Americans make to our country’s rich diversity and economic prosperity."

In a statement, Foster criticized any decision that would "make DREAMers feel unsafe." Beyond the emotional repercussions of DACA, Foster appealed to logic, mentioning the contribution that immigrants and participants in the DACA program have made to the United States. He cited reports that indicate that DACA participants add "$460 billion to [the USA's] national GDP."

The DACA program was established by President Obama in 2012 to protect undocumented minors from deportation. It is estimated that some 800,000 people will be affected by Trump's decision to end DACA. DACA participants have a six-month window before the program is dismantled and the new law is enacted by Congress.