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Foster Statement on President’s Claim that Scientists have a Political Agenda

Oct 16, 2018
Press Release

AURORA, IL – Today, Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) issued the following statement following a 60 Minutes interview in which President Trump claimed that scientific advice can be ignored on the grounds that scientists have a political agenda:

“President Trump has distorted science and ignored the results of scientific research since he began his campaign for the presidency. It is no longer a matter of significant scientific debate that climate change is real and largely man made. President Trump should not ignore decades of scientific research just because it may not be politically convenient for him. Scientists are trained to follow facts and logic, and President Trump should listen to scientists who have the technical qualifications to make decisions for the best interests of our country – not his political base.  

This interview is an unfortunate example of the President’s inability to understand the importance of science. Federal funding for scientific research has helped grow our economy and improve the lives of millions of Americans with vaccines, digital electronics, life-saving medical treatments, and science-based environmental regulations. Continued scientific research is now poised to help us solve some of the pressing problems our country faces, including the opioid and heroin crisis, treatment for diabetes and Alzheimer’s, and technological innovations to slow global warming. This dismissal of scientists and scientific research is dangerous for our country’s future and for the well-being of Americans.”