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Foster Statement on President Trump’s FY 2019 Budget

Feb 12, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC - As expected, President Trump’s budget proposes to follow up massive Republican tax cuts for the wealthy with cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, science, and education, while wasting countless taxpayer dollars on his wall with Mexico and unchecked military spending. 

Rather than increasing economic growth, his budget adds more than $7 trillion to the national debt – a level that imperils our children’s future and risks throwing our country into a financial crisis. Instead of investing in programs that would help our economy, this budget would devastate our country’s economic growth and innovation. 

Since World War II, investment in science and scientific research has spurred economic growth and made the United States a leader in innovation and technology. This budget would put a stop to this trend and undo regulations that promote a clean and healthy world for us and our children. Science programs in the Department of Energy would see a 19 percent reduction, and the Environmental Protection Agency would be cut by 34 percent. The budget would also cut the National Science Foundation’s programs by nearly 30 percent. These cuts reinforce the anti-science policies of the Trump administration, destroying decades of research and hindering future economic growth and our ability to respond to future threats.

The Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress have now broken almost all of their promises to hardworking Americans – from protecting Medicare and Medicaid, to reducing health care costs, rebuilding our infrastructure, and making education affordable. Unfortunately, President Trump now proposes a budget that breaks most of his remaining promises.