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Foster Votes to Keep the Government Open, Deliver Emergency Relief, Prevent Catastrophic Default

Sep 22, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Last night, Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) voted for critical legislation that would keep the federal government open, secure emergency funding to help communities devastated by natural disasters, help resettle Afghan refugees fleeing persecution, and prevent a devastating debt default.

“I proudly voted to keep the federal government open so that we can continue providing essential services that millions of Americans rely on,” said Foster. “As our economy continues to rebound from the COVID crisis, we cannot afford to derail our economic growth and put the livelihoods of American families at risk. That’s why Democrats have acted swiftly to keep the lights on, as well as prevent the utter catastrophe of an unprecedented debt default. The full faith and credit of the United States should never come under threat, and it’s shameful that Republicans would rather hold the American economy hostage than work with Democrats in good faith on behalf of the American people.”

This legislation:

  • Secures government funding through December of this year, ensuring the uninterrupted operations of essential government services and allows Democrats and Republicans in Congress to continue advancing spending bills through the regular order process for Fiscal Year 2022.  
  • Delivers emergency funding for urgent priorities, including relief funding for communities devastated by this summer’s record-breaking natural disasters and funding to resettle Afghan refugees after the historic evacuation effort in August.
  • Guarantees the federal government can continue to meet its financial obligations, including Social Security and Medicare benefits, services for veterans, and paychecks for members of the military by suspending the debt ceiling through December 2022.

Addressing the debt limit is a bipartisan responsibility. Over the last decade, every time the debt limit has needed to be addressed, Congress has come together and acted on a bipartisan basis. Over his four-year term, President Trump incurred $7.8 trillion in debt – and during those four years, Republicans and Democrats worked together to increase or suspend the debt limit three separate times. Now, under President Biden, many Republicans refuse to join Democrats in addressing the debt limit.

Just two years ago, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said: “America can't default. That would be a disaster” and supported suspending the debt limit as necessary because it “ensures our federal government will not approach any sort of short-term debt crisis in the coming weeks or months. It secures our nation’s full-faith and credit and ensures that Congress will not throw this kind of unnecessary wrench into the gear of our job growth and thriving economy.” Yet, now, Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans are trying to force the first-ever default of the United States, which would devastate the economic well-being of American families.