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Foster: Gathering Facts On Syria Critical

Sep 4, 2013
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman Bill Foster released the following statement on the debate over action in Syria:

For nearly 100 years, the use of chemical weapons remained an unthinkable option for civilized countries and their use in Syria represents a violation of international norms and sets an unacceptable precedent.

As a scientist, I believe that before we take any action, it is critical that we gather all the facts about what has happened and who is responsible. 

That is why I went back to Washington, DC to study the classified assessment that spells out the facts and sources, and to attend a classified briefing about the administration’s plans to ensure we are proceeding on the basis of well-understood facts before taking military action.

From the classified documents and information I was able to examine, I believe there is strong evidence that the Assad regime is responsible for the decision to gas their own people.

Once we fully understand our options and the potential outcomes, we must have a rigorous and open debate before making the very difficult choice of how to respond.

I support the President's decision to seek Congressional approval before taking the next steps. The President has wisely not rushed to act. Congress should be just as prudent.

Deciding whether to use military action is one of the most significant decisions a government can make and I do not take this responsibility lightly.  As debate continues, I will continue to study the facts, potential outcomes and views of my constituents.